Thursday, August 14, 2008

Unfinished Symphony ©©

I think of better times
Times when life was simple
When good was good and bad
Happened to others

I remember when laughter filled the streets
Kids playing into the night
Or huddled and talking
Under a dim street light

Each minute felt like and hour
Every hour like a day
And tomorrow was just another day
To go out and play

These are some of the lyrics of my life
Lyrics I sing to myself while I sit here alone
Lyrics of times gone by
When life was simple and good

A chorus of love
With words smothered in pain
Mingle in my thoughts
Of times gone by

These are the lyrics of songs I hear
Songs that mark the stages of my life
Words for strangers to hear
To feel whom I am

I think of times gone by
Times when everyone smiled
And no one cried
When life was simple


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