Monday, September 08, 2008

I Do Wonder ©©

Where has it all gone
Why has everything moved on
The places and faces have nothing left to say
Just the memories are all that stay

All that’s left are these empty spaces
The silent faces
Where have all the happy people gone
Why have they all left me alone

Where does time go
Why can’t I know
Along this path I walk
Just me with no one to talk

Down this silent road I go
To a place far below
Where they wait for me
Because that the way it has to be

I yearn for open spaces
Yet always find silent places
Where the sun meets the desert
And the darkness swallows the light

Empty skies fill my sight
Always hidden by the night
Filled with clouds, not even bird
Where the thunder is never heard

Life is like grains of fine sand
That you hold in a cupped hand
But the wind of time blows it away
By the end of the day

I wonder where all the time has gone


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