Saturday, September 13, 2008

Looking Down ©©

What would happen if the world went silent
Would everyone become like me
Alone and obscure to the outside
Living in a void filled with empty souls

Walking around concrete mountains
Looking at all the shades of gray
Smelling rotting garbage
Off a rotting man

In the distance the hollow laughter of a child
Gives way to tears of despair
The fog in the sky billows from concrete volcanoes
Suffocating all the world

Decay is all over
Layers of artificial color hide it from the naked eyes
But it’s there
Under the gray

Not even the sun could penetrate deep
Into this concrete jungle
Giant monoliths, like giant roach motels reaching up
Casting a shadow over the sky

We struggle to reach up high to our makers
When the whole time they were here
Beneath us as we stand on their shoulders
To reach the skies

Heaven is in your heart
Paradise is what you make of life
Tomorrow is never certain but today
Today is guaranteed

Only an outstretched hand
Leaves the shadows
To feel the warmth of the sun
And life


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