Monday, September 15, 2008

Why? ©©

Why are we born blank slates?
Why can’t we know what we need to know before all the bad things happen?
Why can’t our likes and dislikes be our own and not those of our mentors?
Why must I always feel confused?

Why is it, what I say means nothing?
Why must I listen to everyone else?
Why is it darkest when the sun shines the brightest?
Why do flowers close at night?

Why do people fall in love?
Why do people die?
Why do people want to live?
Why must all things come to an end and not go on forever?

Why are all the roads I take so long and windings?
Why don’t I cut across the grass and avoid the corners?
Why do I go on?
Why do we all?

Why do we have to learn pain to feel life?
Why do we have to learn fear to understand death?
Why do we have to feel loneliness to believe in love?
Why do we have to get lost too be found?


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