Thursday, November 27, 2008

Once... ©©

Once I was young, small and innocent
Once upon a time the world was at peace
Once everything was new and everyone was happy
Once the world was a blossoming flower

Now I am old, bigger and guilty
Now the world is at war
Now everything is used up and everyone is angry
Now the world is wilting away

Once people held hands and sang
Once we all played in the tall grass
Once we used to talk
Once I was a creator

Now we shake our fists and yell
Now the grass is dead and paved over
Now there is only silence
Now I am a destroyer

Once the morning sun was a reason to live
Once the world smiled together
Once there was nothing to fear
Once life was living

Now the sun is killing us
Now the world cries with me
Now there is only fear
Now death is peace

Once there were tears of joy
Now there are only tears of pain
What will I be tomorrow?
What will we all become?


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