Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Runner ©©

Run run run
That’s all the runner does
The runner has no gender
No age
And not enough time, there’s never enough time

Once there was no running
Only stillness
Less hectic
There was all the time in the world back then

Then came desire
A desire to reach up for that thing that was new
But it was out of reach
To far
For now

Crawling came next
Exploration of what couldn’t be reached
But even this was old when something new was past the window
Another barrier
Another challenge

Standing tall against the window sill
The untouchable is closer
When one foot falls ahead of the other
And what’s new is reached
Until tomorrow, when you see what’s beyond the horizon

Walking leads you to the top of the hill
A look into tomorrow lies ahead
Mountains overshadow the hill
Something new and bigger
Something to climb or fall from

Running comes naturally while falling from the hill
To reach the mountain
But time is chasing close behind now
Tomorrow is catching up and time
Is running out

The runner runs
Time chases
In the end, time will tell
If the runner won the race
Or ran out of gas


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Lora_3 said...

Like this. Maybe it's me!

Be safe...