Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Second ©©

What is a second?
How is it measured?
Is it forever?
Or never

What have you heard?
Have you seen anything?
Something I haven’t
Or maybe something new

What have you done?
Anything special
Something alone
Or with someone special

What have you said?
Who were you talking too?
Was anyone listening?
Or was it just you

Where have you gone?
Was it far?
Did you find someone?
Or were they waiting for you

What do you feel?
Do you feel with you hands?
Maybe your heart
Or your soul

What have you been dreaming about?
Is it a wish?
A desire
Or just an escape from the truth

How long is a second?
Is it long?
Maybe an eternity
Or just a second of my life


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Heff said...

That shit's too deep for me.

Have a Happy New Year !

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