Sunday, January 04, 2009

Midnight Blue ©©

Midnight Blue
A full moon rising
Stars to watch
My 57 Chev

A salty breeze off the bay
Waves breaking in
From nowhere
To somewhere
Just not here

Midnight blue
As far as I could see
Farther than I could reach
Out there

Born to the night
Glistening with starlight
Bathed gently
Naked to the light
Shrouded by darkness

Midnight blue
Is the night sky
Speckled and shiny
Is it for me?
Or you

A long moon winks up at me
It’s fingers tugging at my feet
Wanting me in its pool of light
To caress, what it can’t touch
Or feel

Midnight blue
The shade of night
When the darkness meets the moon
As you sit and watch
Yet can’t touch

It’s that which is far
So elusive that we love the most
It’s the moon and the darkness
Making love in the night sky
It’s midnight blue


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