Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Unforgiven ©©

How is it the sun shines everywhere but here?
What does it fear?
Shadows through time is what we are.
Traveling through time
Tumbling lost through space

How is it the world revolves around us yet we have no existence?
What is life?
Shadows lost in the light of day
Dark specks in the blinding light of others

How is it few struggle forward against raging waves?
Why do they have to pave the way?
Bloody and beaten in the corner of time
Shadows against the wind

How can they hold back their glory, be humble?
Why do the shadows always fad away?
The darkness is feared as the shadows wash away
Strength follows the night
Into the darkness they go once more until tomorrow

Sinners and saints rise to the sun every day
To make the world what it is
They are the bricks of time
Our foundation
So the sun may shine on the rest tomorrow



Cece said...

I somehow stubbled here. Are these all original? They are wonderful. Such a wonderful representation of how a tortured soul feels.

Walker said...

Yes they are all mine.