Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Or ©©

I look up at the stars and I wonder
Am I good or bad?
Am I righteous?
Or am I not

I wonder who I am
Do I really know?
Am I who you think I am?
Or are we wrong

I dream of who you are
Are you like me?
Are you who you say you are?
Or are we just dreaming

Am I who I see in my reflection?
Or is there more to see
Someone to know
Or doesn’t it matter

Is there a mirror so I can see my soul
Maybe it’s for others to see
And mine to feel
Or is it empty

The stars know what I wonder
And feel
Is it’s for me to know
Or is it for you to find



Heff said...

You should add repeating choruses and sell these as song lyrics.

Romany Angel said...

I often wonder if the person I think I am is the same person that other people see.

Rainbow dreams said...

there is nothing more wonderful than someone who finds who you are...who understands..
am not sure we ever really know ourselves truly so am not sure how others can get to know us either.. perhaps it really is up to the stars...