Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Looking Back On Me ©©

Sitting above the world
I watch the sun set on my world once more
Through the fading light
I watch as the curtain falls one more time on my dreams

Sitting above the world
I hear the laughter below reaching for me
Through deaf ears
I hear all the voices I crave to hear fade away

Sitting above the world
I can touch everything I reach out for
With tender fingers I could feel
The soft beat of your heart

Sitting above the world
I could feel the warm glow of the living
Through pain and sorrow
I could still feel the love I once had

Sitting above the world
I could live the life I was meant to live
Up here looking down
I could see my reflection down below



Brosreview said...

Neat one Walker!!! Loved the third and last verse.

Romany Angel said...

That was lovely Walker. It had a peaceful vibe about it.

Rainbow dreams said...

If I could I would.. sometimes it feels like I am, peace, Katie