Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Lost Generation ©©

If what’s done is done
Why am I trying to fix what can’t be fixed
When everything is gone
Why do I have to stay lost

If all I have is nothing
Why are you trying to take it away
When there is nothing left to give
Why do I give more

If time has passed me by
Why am I still chasing it down the road
When will the road end
Why do I care

If nothing means nothing
Then why do I make it something
When will something replace nothing
Why does it matter

If the world is not flat
Why does it have to be round
When will it stop turning
Why do I always repeat the past

If I stand still will it all stay the same
Why do I always walk away
When will I find what I want
Why do I want too

If there is nothing I can do to make things right
Why do I bother to try
When will I learn all I have is tomorrow
Why do I stay in the past

If the sun rises to a new day
Why must I fall with the sunset
When will time stand still
Why am I scared of the future



Brosreview said...

Love the last four lines the most. A good one Walker!!!

Rain said...

I ask myself these same questions all of the time. Sigh.

Excellent work Walker :)

Rainbow dreams said...

wow some good questions.. resonate with me too...