Friday, February 13, 2009

Running Man ©©

Run, run, run, run
Run as fast as you can
Across meadows, through fields
Over fences and fallen trees

Across streams over mountains
To the other side and more running
Over the plains and concrete jungles
Through dark forests to barren deserts

Chasing dieing shadows
Chased by fingers of light
The coast is the end of today
And the beginning of tomorrow

The future clashes with the past in the surf
Fighting in it for ones soul
Tearing everything to pieces, until there is nothing left
But me, today and still running from tomorrow



Brosreview said...

Umm, I like this one. However, might I say that your others songs are better than this one. Still, this is good. No offence meant.

PS: I reckon the first line with 4 "run"'s set the bar slightly low.

Brosreview said...

Walker, if my observation is incorrect, please correct me so that I can stand corrected.

The song is still good, in my opinion.

deola said...

Boy, i Love the imagery. This one is good

Walker said...

Brosreview: No view is correct or incorrect.
It's one of the reasons I don't answer my comments on this blog.

I put the words down that come to me because of what I see and feel but the words ay bring different feelins to you or someone else who reads them.

I don't choose the words they choose to live, I just write them down.

The posts you have been reading are part of 23 posts I wrote in succession over a two hour period one night while sitting here a couple of weeks ago.
Most are fueled by the feelings of others that I interpret through my thoughts and feelings.

This one was fueled by a woman trapped in a world she no longer wants to be part of but can't leave so her dreams are her only escape.
In the end all thats left is hope as both worlds lay shattered.
One she can't escape from and the other she can't have.

I am not poet or a song writer, just a magnet for lost souls with no answers to questions asked in silence.

I can't correct what is not wrong because how we interpret our ownhearts is only right

Brosreview said...

Fair enough!!! Thanks a lot for clearing that up!!! I liked the way you put it -
"I don't choose the words they choose to live, I just write them down"

While free, have a read of my latest (old song).