Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Still The Same ©©

It’s the stroke of midnight and I’m still the same
I haven’t changed
I’m still the man with no name
Only the world is different

Through crowds of strangers walking in circles I join
All taking the same steps, to the same beat
Working in the same boxes, hiding behind transparent walls
Zombies filling empty seats

Living an ideology with no name
Drones, programmed not to think
Only work
To dream of a future that doesn’t exist

Dreams never change
They have only become dreams within dreams
Hopes of hope for a world filled with lost souls
A sliver of light to embrace

What was once true
Today is not
What is now true
I never understood

The confusion is not mine
I am lost to the past
The future is not mine
I’m still the same and I have a name


1 comment:

Brosreview said...

Powerful!!! This one is staggering!!! I like songs that play around with reasoning. Keep them coming Walker!!!