Monday, February 02, 2009

What's What ©©

Today is the day they call my birthday
Today was the day that light first touched my eyes
Today was the first day I awakened from the dark side
Today was the first day of my life or was it the last day of another?

Then, was the last day of my life
Then, was the darkness and warmth I was used too
Then, was when I felt another soul living with me
Then, was when I was alive or was I dead inside?

Tomorrow is the unknown
Tomorrow is always tomorrow
Tomorrow never comes
Tomorrow is when I will live or is it when I die?

Now is all I know
Now is when I dream of tomorrow
Now is when I wonder about then
Now is what's real

So is eternity tomorrow?
Is it today?
Was it then?
Is it forever or is it now?


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