Sunday, February 01, 2009

Am I Awake ©©

Beneath my feet the world turns
My feet chase the borders to keep up
They go nowhere but here, not there

There, is where I want to be
It’s where my dreams come true
Where time stops and life is forever

Forever, an eternity
With the universe to see and more
To touch

To touch one’s dream
A fantasy filled with life and only life
A place with an eternal light

Light of enlightenment
Light of sight
The light of thought

To think
To dream of the untouchable
To live the unlivable

The world spins out of control
My feet still chase the borders
They go nowhere yet my dreams spin the world

The world will be what it is
Until the day I awaken
From my dream



Brosreview said...

Quite a powerful song there!!! I am a fan!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you never awaken from your dream, it sounds like a nice place to be.