Saturday, January 31, 2009

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Look at the world
At the skies as they unfurl
The stars as they shine

Feel the wind on your face
Smell the dust in the air
Touch your breath with your eyes

Look at the years
See them pass into the past
Understand the future

Walk down this road
To no where
To some where

Look at what’s new
Dream of what’s old
Want what you always had

Run, run, run
At what you want
Trip and know how far it is

Look at what a sunset takes
See what a sunrise brings
Get lost forever in the darkness

Nothing is everything
Something is nothing
The world is the same and it’s not

Look at time
It stays the same
As the world turns away

Are we chasing the seconds?
Or are we running away from the minutes
To find days gone by

Look at today
Today is new, yet the same
Tomorrow is not today or yesterday

The world is so new
Or am I old
Maybe it’s all still the same


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Cece said...

This stuff is amazing.