Monday, March 09, 2009

The Horsemen ©©

I see the fog creeping slowly towards me
Wave upon wave crashes against the ground
As it comes in like a calm sea
Hiding those wishing not to be found

Out of the fog come four horsemen in silence
Their steeds dancing in the night
Their silent screams drowning the tears of innocence
Petrifying the guilty with fright

Thunder crashes as their horses dig our plots
Reapers of souls sent to cleanse the earth
Of the wicked and those not
Harvesting for the next rebirth

They ride up from the deep
From the darkest recesses
To whisper your name just before you sleep
For it’s your soul they want to repossess

Through the fog they ride
Looking for you and me
They know there is nowhere to hide
The fog goes everywhere, their eyes to see

Upon this mountain I wait
Blade in hand
Awaiting for what is my fate
To fight the fog for the right to stay on this land



Brosreview said...

My current favourite!!! But, I am still brainstorming on a different interpretation. Keep them coming!!!

itisi said...