Monday, March 30, 2009

I Am ©©

Here I am, standing here all alone
It’s nowhere special, just where I am
Yet, it’s the most important place to be
Because it’s where I am

I look back at all that was
At all that is
Lost to what might be
This is where I am

I walk among the dead in my thoughts
Laugh with the living every day
Look for the new in the eyes of the young
As I search for whom I am

I feel the joys and pains I‘ve had
Cry for the angst I will feel some day
Or the freedom I have dreamt of for so long
It’s how I am

The lights shine above this fine land
As my world grows beneath them
So that one day when it’s all gone
I’ll find out who I am

Standing here looking up at the stars
I wonder, are they shinning down on me
Or you
It’s who we are


1 comment:

Brosreview said...

Splendid!!! A strong message there!!! Well done!!! You know I am a fan, don't you?