Saturday, April 04, 2009

For Me To See ©©

Where are you tonight?
Where have you been, all my life?
I walk across time searching for tomorrow
While living only for today

What paths have you traveled?
What roads have you been lost on?
I swam across oceans to find something
To find where you have been

Why do roads travel in opposite directions?
Why do some never connect?
I live in the storm clouds of time
Seeking the lightning to spark my soul once more

How do you live like this?
How can you live like that?
I hold onto something more precious than life
Something you can’t see

When will I find you?
When can I see what I can’t see, feel what I can’t feel?
I travel in my thoughts, across my days
Thinking about what’s not, maybe of what might be

Won’t you find me?
Won’t you come and be with me?
Or will you leave in the morning
When the sun comes up and I awaken

Who will I find on the other side?
Who I will be when I am done I don‘t know
Yet forward I go into the unknown
To find what I don’t have but need

Where what why who and when
Will I find tomorrow
Tomorrow, tomorrow
Stay with me, until tomorrow


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Brosreview said...

So many questions to brainstorm upon. Thought-provoking lines here. Fantastic!!!