Friday, March 06, 2009

Just A Word To Start ©©

All you need is a word
And a stream will grow into a river
A sentence to start a story, an ocean of words
Paragraphs to start a life of a future
A book of a world to live in

Each line is a heartbeat
A feeling or desire
A step down the page and to the next
Each one numbered like the minutes, hours, days
And tomorrows

The mind walks along grassy fields
Up mountains to the sky and above
From the wilderness to yesterday and today
For tomorrow is the next stop
And the next page

Each one is a world
A dream to live and be alive
Time and time again
With a new life
Until the end



Brosreview said...

Beautiful!!! This one of you extremely good ones.

Awareness said...

one single word and the doors open to a freedom almost too exciting to did it here. well done!

ps. I finally replied to you on my blog. sorry it took so long.