Saturday, March 07, 2009

Shadows ©©

The sun dies in the distance
Leaving but the embers still burning
Smoldering in the back of my eyes.
A reminder that even the light fears the night

The moon is the only beacon left int the sky
The only real witness to the night
The darkness is fearless
Its cloak hides even the stars high above

With the dieing sun the shadows unite
Bringing the night to life once more
Joining lost souls to create a world
Where they don’t walk in the shadow of the light

Naked of any shrouds
Guilty of nothing
As there is nothing to be guilty for
The darkness has no witness but the moon

There are no sins, no religions
Only the darkness
The beast has no god
Only the nature of the beast is god

Only tomorrow can chase away the shadows
Shed light on the darkness
See the remnants left behind
The moon can only bare witness to the truth

The shadows move with the moon
Across the night sky into yesterday
As tomorrow follows from the east
And the beast shall find its shadow once more


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Brosreview said...

Brilliant!!! I am speechless here!!! I haven't read your perspective on my last couple of songs. So, when you have some free time in your hand, please drop in.