Friday, March 13, 2009

Limbo ©©

Out in the open
By myself
Night after night
I wander
Searching for what
I don’t know
Or understand

Where I want to be
I’m still by myself
Day after day
I’m lost with madness
Insanity tears at my being
Leaving me tattered and bloody inside
And confused

In the darkness
I am I, me
Shadow to shadow
I live unseen
Free to be whom I wish to be
Fearless, faultless
Something I understand

I am nothing
Lost in a crowd
Door to door
Empty faces to see
Dead words to hear
No souls to feel or touch
An empty vessel to become

Neither here or there
In the shadows or the light
To live or to die
To be or not to be
To see and be seen or to be blind and see nothing
Touch and be touched or not
To sleep for ever or to awaken once again



itisi said...

I can relate to this.

Brosreview said...

Nice one!!! You are on a roll,aren't you? More than one post today alone. Great job!!!