Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tonight ©©

I sit here looking out…
To nowhere

I just want to sit here and think
About nothing special
Or important

I just want to look out and not care
Just too sit here and…

To just feel alive
Just for tonight
Just to be, no one but me

I want to remember things
Things that can only make me smile

I want to live
Like I once used too
Just one more time, maybe tonight

I sit with all the faces
All the laughs that I remember

I need to laugh
Like I once used too
To feel alive once more like before

I need to remember
How soft your skin was

To swim in your scent
To quell my thirst for you
To drink from your passion

Is my night to remember
Those times I miss the most

The days when all the faces
Where with me
All the laughs were real

Tonight is the night to remember
Tomorrow will just be another memory
Of another yesterday to remember tonight



itisi said...

It is good to sit back and remember old times with old friends.

Brosreview said...

I have done this quite a few times. So, I can relate to this very well. Very differently put!!! As in, quite a simple one from you. Yet, effective!!!

Scarlet said...

It is very good indeed ....