Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What Can You Do ©©

Can you see me standing here?
Can you feel my heart beat?
I feel a fire raging within
Clawing to be free

Do you sense my urgency?
Does your body burn up with my desire?
I need to feed on your body
To suckle on your will

Do you fear my hunger?
Can you deny me what you have?
Night after night I lay in my own sweat
Craving, lusting for your soul

Can you sore into my storm?
Do you dare give yourself to me?
To consume your desires and your fears
To surrender what you never have

Can you
Will you
Can you
Do you dare?
Can you
Should you
Can you………



Brosreview said...

Quite a strong one here!!! Loved it!!!

Scarlet said...

WOW ....