Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Anywhere ©©

Time has come and gone
While I wait for the end of this long lost song
As the beat dies off in the far off distance
I follow the melody for one more chance

Only when it’s all played out
Will I start to shout
Only when there is no more sun to shine
Then will I finally know, it was never mine

I remember what I have seen
Where I have been
Felt my existence
As I search for just one moment, one more sentence

On and on looking for where I have gone
Listening to the lyrics to this one lonely song
As I walk alone into the night
Forever to search for what’s now out of sight

On and On I go
Through the rain and snow
To chase time as it once chased me
To a tomorrow and what might be

Tomorrow, tomorrow
Why have you left me here alone, tomorrow?
Where have you taken our song?
Tomorrow where have you gone?

Come back and take me too
Take me anywhere, anywhere as long as it’s with you
Anywhere, as long as it’s not here
Anywhere, anywhere, anywhere but here


1 comment:

Brosreview said...

This is good mate!!! Searching for that lost tomorrow. Well done!!!