Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Sound Of Laughter ©©

Here I am, shouting out to you
Standing on this ridge, looking down
Across, oceans, deserts and tall mountains
At the billions of gagged minds

From East to West
North and South
From the sky to the bottom of the sea
We follow painted paths

None of us are free
Even the stars are prisoners to be
Like the planets that hide from our view
Their time is running out before they to bare footprints

As I crouch along the edge of time
My eyes search for a piece of peace
I sign of hope for the future
But all there is, is gray as the clouds gather at my feet

I stand turning my back to this hopelessness
But stop for a small sound
Looking down below me I strain my ears
Grasping blindly for that small voice

Stepping off the cliff
I fall though the gray clouds
Slicing through the black of day
To the ground and the sound of freedom


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