Monday, April 13, 2009

Wasting Time ©©

What do you see, feel?
What is it that you know?
Day after day it’s all the same as I go
Yet, I’m here, wasting time

How can everything always be the same?
How come it has to be this way?
As night after night it only gets darker
Yet, I’m here, wasting time

Why does everything have to be the way it is?
Why can’t I just say no, NO?
Only the sky changes as I stand here following with my dreams
Yet, I’m here, wasting time

Where does it all go?
Where will it all take me?
After sun gently passes across the sky once more
Yet, I’m here, wasting time

When will the silence rise to beat back the noise?
When will I shout with the rest of the silent world?
While the war of silence rages on
As I sit here, wasting time


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