Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Cover Of Time ©©

These are my memories
My thoughts that I share with you
These are the songs I listen too at night
When I sit here alone
These are the words that only rhyme to me
Yet make the most sense

These are the times I remember
Those that I cherish the most
These are the events that shaped who I am
How I feel
These are memories of my life
The ones I love the most

These are the moments frozen forever in time
The ones I can never forget
These are the life I hold onto
Wrapped close to my soul
These are the songs
I choose to sing on and on

These could be the greatest hits of all time
The ones that make my knees go weak
These might be the dreams I had
The life I used to live
These are my thoughts
The ones I share with you here

These are the thoughts you will never hear
Or see; just feel
These are the stars in the sky
The ones we all reach for
These are the times we miss the most
The ones that made us sing



Notion said...

and this is me saying

great freakin poem man i'm loving te depth you got

Brosreview said...

Self-reflective here, probably!!! Great writing!!!