Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Promised Land ©©

I hear the clicking and skidding
As I walk down these concrete streets
Pushing the pavement through my limbs with every step
Onward towards a destiny still yet unseen, unknown

Down dark streets and up cold alleys
Through the garbage and discarded souls
I swim through the filth, the smell
While searching, for that Promised Land

The screams serenade the night
As the cries of the living beg for mercy
Until the screams die away
And the night ends, with a whimper

I listen to the clicking of my heels
Like the heart beat of my existence
Scaring my epitaph on the land
As I walk silently searching

Searching for the green fields of silence
For the Promised Land
Where the grass grows tall and my feet
My feet are naked to the quiet grass

Click, Click, Click…until tomorrow


1 comment:

Brosreview said...

Great imagery here!!! And,nice thoughts too!!!