Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Roads ©©

Night after night
I walk these streets getting lost
Looking to find forgotten thoughts and feelings
My nightmares and desires

In my memories I find who I am
When I’m feeling blue or wanting company
When I’m alone I sail away into my dreams
To find what I don’t want to know

Time after time I go insane
But I still keep going on
Day after day I remain confused
Yet I search for what I don’t have or had

This road is where I need go
Here is the life to be
Now is the time to search
Not to run away from the truth

There are things I need to do
Things to make me be
Places I need to see
A life to live and die for

This is the life that must be, my curse
Moving along down this road
Walking to the beat of my own song
Searching for lyrics lost along these dark roads


1 comment:

Brosreview said...


"When I’m alone I sail away into my dreams"

This is a fantastic line!!! Keep writing!!!