Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Walking On By ©©

How long has it been?
Could you still see me in the old places?
Feel me in the shadows of the darkest spaces
Remember me in the night sky

How far have I come to this place?
It’s such a long ride to here from where I was
How can I go back to what I escaped from?
When what I left doesn’t exist anymore

How far have I come?
So much I have left behind and the blood.
The blood of the ageless paint the night
Those stills frozen in time and forever

How do I continue down this road, this path, this vision?
When so many are left behind to wander
Those are still lucky be standing, walking corpses
How do I continue on this selfish path of resurrection without looking back?

It’s a long road to the end of the earth and time
Treading through these muddy roads
As the bloody years are diluted with a river of tears
To pass and fall behind into yesterday

How far must I go to find what I’m looking for before I stop?
It’s such a long road when you’re alone
Yet it’s my journey to take
My life to live

The journey is living
Remembering is life
What’s left is today
Today is another breath closer to tomorrow



Brosreview said...

You seem to be obsesses with the night and the shadows. Coincidentally, me too at this point. Well-written, this one!!! The finishing line is a show-stopper!!!

Walker said...

It's hard for me to explain to you.
I live in the shadows on a daily basis.
It's where i feel at home.

Here read this adn you may understand


Brosreview said...

Ah mate!!! You've gone through so much. And, it, for sure, reflects upon your work. This gives me a more, a much more intense perspective to your works. And, here, I was standing, thinking that I've been through a lot. I admire your courage to express such dark thoughts and share it with strangers here. Hats off mate!!! Immense respect!!!