Thursday, April 30, 2009

Where I go ©©

Through the years and decades
From one life to another
I traveled from my youth
To who I am, today

With my heart
I search for a tomorrow
For a future
But found a soul instead

All the people
With different faces
From all the different places
Hiding in all the lonely spaces

In the arms of the world
Across guarded borders
Past faithless religions
Is where I have gone

To a valley
A place blind to all who can see
A place with only sound to hear
A place where you can only feel

A place to forget
What you have been told
To explore what’s hidden inside
Something forgotten and lonely

When the years go by
I grow with my feelings
Where I go, is where I can feel like before
To lie down and feel my soul grow


1 comment:

hadassah said...

you write beautifully Walker :)