Friday, May 01, 2009

Layin Back ©©

On a hillside I lay on my back
Looking way up at the sky, wondering
Where should I go?
What haven’t I seen in my dreams?

I have had it all
Lost everything
I have watched life begin
Had it slip from my fingertips

Enjoyed the pleasures of the flesh
Swam in a pool of endless love
Felt the angst of drowning
Yet managed to float on downstream to tomorrow

Fought many battles
Won all but a few
Paid a price for reality
The cost of survival

I have watched the world change
Watched it grow without me
While people disappeared from plain sight
I understood how it was happening but not why

In the arms of my desires
I find my freedom
In my dreams
I discovered who I am

Getting lost in my desires
Finding myself once more
Finding where I want to be
Who I will be in the morning

Do I go on searching for what I haven’t seen?
Do I go back to where I've been?
Or maybe I’ll just stay right here
Looking up at the sky without fear


1 comment:

Notion said...

you don't have to go anywhere life usually finds you