Friday, May 29, 2009

The Beat Goes On ©©

Step by step
Waltzing through time
And space

Each step
A second gone by
A minute is a turn
Or maybe even a dip

Navigating around the world
With eyes closed tight
Each second is choreographed
Every step planned to the same beat

Swimming in a sea of moving flesh
Schools of people
Eyes closed
Blindly waltzing in unison

Flawless tempo
Fluid motion
The music has changed
But the beat stays the same

A day goes twirling by
Dancing in circles
Waiting for that one sour note to be plucked
To change the beat to something else

Each morning, every morning
I wake just the same
Make the same movements
Do the same dance

I follow the heartbeat of this existence
Along society’s umbilical cord
To where ever it takes me
Dancing to their tune, their heartbeat

Maybe in the future
The song will change to something else
So I can finally move my feet
With my own heartbeat



Shadow said...

mmmm, we all follow this dance to a certain degree... the days we don't, become memorable.

Brosreview said...

This society is such, innit? It makes you dance the way it wants you to. Nicely written!!!