Sunday, May 31, 2009

From The Bed ©©

From this bed
I look out the window
Into the night
At the stars as the wind blows my way

Above the sheets
I felt free
Between I was wanted
Isn’t life sweet?

Naked and free
In a room or in the world
Free to speak, to fight for what you love
Free to love

Hanging off of the side
My fingers touch the earth
While my feet float in space
Walking among the stars

On my back
Feet on the floor
I can reach up
To touch the sky or to pull you close

On my side
I get lost into your eyes
Floating away in my mind
Back and forth across time

Everything is real
Just a dream to remember
While staring at the ceiling
Lost among the shadows

From my bed
In the darkness
My memories dance before me
Like specters in the mist



Kay said...

"My fingers touch the earth
while my feet float in space
walking among the stars"


Diya said...

The heavenly feeling to the earth!

Brosreview said...

I am thinking psychedelic. Nicely written!

Notion said...

wow for real bro

Shadow said...

this is enjoyed, from the bed to the mist...