Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Beating At The Sky ©©

Out here
Out here all alone
A prisoner to my thoughts
Caged within my soul
As the lightning carves up the night sky

The rain washes my thoughts away
While I drift through the dead of night
Looking for an escape
Out of the storm that's raging within my mind
That’s shredding what's left of my soul to pieces

From heaven to hell I tear at my chest
Trying to break myself open for all to see
To expose desires, fears and who is me
To let it all spill out to the ground and about
For others to trample through as I scream in my mind

I wade through crowded streets
Through oceans of souls
Drowning just like me
To disappear among all the different faces
Faces that look just like mine

Lost in this drug induced world
I see the truth while I slowly drown in my dreams
As I fall deeper into this pit, this hole
The prison of this padded life

Left with only a will to go on
But without a mission to explore
To struggle against the winds of time alone
While the thunder calls out my name
Daring me to reach up and pound the sky for a way out

The rain only washes the dust away
While the wind laughs in my face
As the lightning whips my hands back onto my face
To hide and drown among the other faces
Alone in these dark and lonely places



Kathryn Magendie said...

My talented friend - sending you a blown kiss *muwah*!

Brosreview said...

One of you best ones so far; in my opinion. Love the darkness in this!!!