Thursday, May 07, 2009

Can't Have It All ©©

Tomorrow is another day
Another dream to pretend to have
Another day with another sunset to watch
To follow with desire and fear through hollow eyes

Why do we stop just before we walk away?
When we know that it’s time to walk
How can we stop?
When the road is so clearly marked

Yesterday was another dream
Another day to pretend to have lived
Another dream with another sunrise to close my eyes to
To run away from in fear through tear filled eyes

When opportunity knocked
My ears went deaf
My voice was lost within my thoughts
Now I see the door is silent

Today is the day
Pretending to live the dream
Another day to stand in the spotlight of this farce
To conform and bend to look through these blind eyes

We run away to our dreams
To find what we don’t have
To be free from our prisons
Our bonds and chains of the madness of what is

Today, yesterday or tomorrow
Will never live in the same time
As I will never have all I want or hold everything I desire
Only in my dreams where I’m free, free to be me



Brosreview said...

Mate, you are on a spree of delivering such hit songs, aye. This is brilliant!!! And, I bet many could relate to this thought here. Keep writing!!!

Shadow said...

damn this is good!