Friday, May 08, 2009

Beating My Meat ©©

Through the bitter cold, the scorching rain
To this pitiful existence, filled with nothing but cold pain
I stumble from what my past once was
To this cesspool of lies that everyone has

The truth is nothing but a myth
A story to be heard at a circus in some dark booth
To be told by an old man or woman
About how once everyone was human

I feel lost in this mess of shit
When I could be laying back sucking on some bitch’s throbbing clit
Saying, fuck you, to the world
While sitting there knocking on my wood

I live in the darkest of shadows
Where no one knows
Someplace where I can never be seen
To shed my skin and become what I once had been

To engorge on life with a never ending lust to live
To feel pain and be alive
To be free to remember my name
Before I go fucken crazy or insane

Through this thick cloud of smoke
Out of this box before I choke
To follow a light that I had once been told could be
To escape down that ivory road to beyond and eternity

Taken out of the darkness and into the light
From where it was once always bright
To where the light now hides the truth
A myth, a story to be told in some dark booth

Told by an old man or a woman
About when we were all once human
Until it all went to hell and fucked it all up for you and me
Now we crawl through the darkness hiding, trying to feel free



Heff said...

Sorry. I just saw the title and wanted to watch, LMAO !!

Rikkij said...

You been reading David Rehak? It's a good thing you and I don't sit down to a pint at a pub somehwere. The last thing we need is each others inspiration. Thanks for dropping by, Good food for thought here. ~rick

Diya said...

That was nothing but Fabulous... Thanxx for dropping by, following you dude :)

Shadow said...

raw and out there, more than a hint of truth...

Woman in a Window said...

Holy crap! Who are you? I was really wondering where in the hell you came from and then I saw a couple friends here. A few, really. Will stick around to figure you out. In the Raw might just be an understatement but I don't mind you pushing the envelope one bit.