Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm Empty ©©

I’m empty
There is nothing I can see or hear
Nothing I can touch or feel

My thoughts are gone
Disappeared like everything else
Gone, evaporated away with time

Lost and alone in my mind
Void of any thoughts
Memories or any dreams

The voices have stopped calling my name
Stopped making me smile
Taking my soul away with them

All the years have wasted away
Erased while I slept
Only a dead mind remains

No more dreams to see
Gone are the times I loved
The faces I knew

Left here staring at nothing
Not knowing what to do
As a child out of the womb

Left to start over with new dreams
Fresh memories
New eyes if not as innocent

To put sound where there was only silence
Hope, where it didn’t exist
Breathing life back into a dead mind

Learning to stand up one more time
To walk without help
Understand without being told

Filling the void one more time
Dreaming about what I can’t remember
Hoping that it to won’t one day be all gone

Gone, gone, gone
Gone out of my mind

Went in to search
To find what can’t be found
What never existed to be remembered

Dead end thoughts
In a dead mind
I’m empty, one more time



Brosreview said...

"Dead end thoughts
In a dead mind
I’m empty, one more time"

Mighty strong, this one!!! Keep them coming!!!

Woman in a Window said...

I read this Walker and hope like hell I don't find myself in a similar position one day. That is too much to bear, or near too much. Hope you're ok.

Kay said...

this is beautiful

Shadow said...

'to find what can't be found' so beautifully sad and says so much. maybe it's because we're looking to find something that only exists in our mind, that we cannot find it...