Monday, May 25, 2009

What's Real? ©©

I sit here watching the long reflection of the moon stretching out
Reaching across the water.
Beckoning me to come closer
To look deep in it’s pool of golden dreams
Daring me to reach out,
To touch
To dive through the looking glass into tomorrow

The treetops sway
Whispering my name
As the wind blows ripples across my dreams
Waking me up once more to reality or is it?

If life was a dream
Are we characters in someone else’s head?
Everything I have done
The people I know or knew
My whole life and yours
Did it exist?
Are we real?
If they wake up
Will I disappear?

If life is a dream and I disappear
What of those in my dreams
Who will dream of them if you wake up
And I go away
What of those they dream of
The worlds in millions of universes
Filled with trillions of faces
In places I have yet to dream of

If life was a dream and I reached out and touched it
Does it mean it’s real?
Will my dreams exists
Will the dreams of my dreams live to be?

If I pull back my finger
Will I wake up?
What of my dreams
All our dreams
Will they go away?
Or is this a dream too?



Brosreview said...

Intense and worth thinking, this one. A great point you put across via this one. Keep them coming mate!!!

Shadow said...

i love your thoughts here. some i've had myself... who saying living ain't just a figment of our imagination...

Kay said...

Very profound