Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother Daze ©©

From day one
From the very beginning
You were always there
Smiling back
After you crack the broomstick over my head

From your bed I came into the world
You smiled and said
“Oh shit”
And knew I was trouble
From the start

From the window you watched
As I stole the old man’s car
And said nothing
Nothing at all
She knew he’d bring donuts back or die

From between the sheets another had come
A weasel and a cheat
Who he had tried to trade on the corner for a sweet
But she caught him
Then beat him with a side of beef

From dark filled alleys
She wandered filthy streets
Searching for me
Looking to see if I was alive and still fat
Probably to beat me with another baseball bat

From the depths of hell
Dieing on the floor
Armed with only a spoon of caster oil
A slap upside the head
She brought me back to fuck up again

From where I began
To where I am
I walked through hell without a care
With an angel on my shoulder
Swinging a big stick at my head

Happy Mother's Day



Brosreview said...

"From where I began
To where I am
I walked through hell without a care
With an angel on my shoulder
Swinging a big stick at my head"

Ha! nicely put!!! Well- written!!!

Woman in a Window said...

Is this how you were raised, Walker? Is there so much pain in upbringing? I'm all mush, you do know that. I'll want to save you over and over again.

Walker said...

Woman in a Window: This is how I grew up to no fault of my parents.
Society is our mother and we are a product of that society.
The few that rebel against the machine are what keeps the sanity in an insane world.
We teach who we are how we live and what is right and wrong to the ones that come after.

I am a product of the past and am trying to show that the future can be better if we teach it today with both eyes open and a open mind.

Suzanne said...

Hi darling. I love you. You know that. I'm so grateful you're here.


Shadow said...

society our mother and a product of the past...very perceptive of you. home provides a shelter, refuge and learing ground, and then we get dropped into the streets of life with tools that hopefully pull us through. yet after all is said and done, it is our actions and reactions to the now, that changes the course...

Dotm said...

Where would we be without someone to teach us right from wrong? My parents were not as active in teaching, but once my Father spoke, we all listened even though we never saw any proof of what would happen if we did disobey. His voice just sounded convincing enough without any threats, while our Mom was one who constantly yelled- ending with- just wait till your father comes home. I promised myself that when I had kids, I would not use that father threat on them and I never did.