Monday, May 11, 2009

Thanatos ©©

Thanatos, Death is his name and his job
Dark Angel, cursed to live in purgatory forever
Left to wander through the slivers of light left behind
The light that lays between night and day

Consuming the souls of the dead
Swallowing their pain and tasting the sweetness of their love
To be energized by their lust
To feel life once more as it flashes before your eyes one last time

Sailing from shadow to shadow
Bending the light in every space
Stopping time before your eyes
Just before the wind turns the page to a new chapter

You better run
You better leave as fast as you can
Before Thanatos takes your name

Before he visits and life flashes before your eyes
So his dark soul can satisfy
His hunger can feast once more
On your memories and all that you ever had

It’s in the shadows where he lives
Hiding, remembering the billions of names he’s been
The countless dreams that haunt his mind
While his demons drive him insane

Thanatos lives for eternity
While everyone dies
So they can live once more in the eyes of Thanatos



Brosreview said...

Hmm, something different from your usual posts. Nevertheless, well done!!! Greek mythology; this interests me. Keep writing!!!

Shadow said...

i'm gonna stay the hell away from this guy...

itisi said...

That explains the name. I always wondered.

Dotm said...

Must admit I also did not know what the word Thanatos meant and ended up looking it up in my Dictionary.
So you educated me- as they say you are never too old to learn. Ha Ha.