Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Is Old ©©

New hour
New day
New way

Same old problems

New outfit
New voice
New eyes

Same old problems

New attitude
New everything that you see
New me

Same old problems

Old ways
Old habits
Old days

New problems

Old thoughts
Old haunts
Old desires

New problems

Old fears
Old beliefs
Old attitude

New Problems

Everything changes
Yet stays the same
Same old problems
Are the same new problems

Time and time again
I change and it’s always the same
The shit moves on
But still sticks to my hand

Same old same old
It never changes
Just newer like me
New same old me



Brosreview said...

Simply a circle, innit? Thought-provoking, this one. Well done!!!

Woman in a Window said...

Walker, this was leg slapping brilliant. Just hashing out tonight how to bring formidable change to life and no matter the change, it seems I'll end up back at the fargin' beginning. What the hell is that?

Shadow said...

damn it, too much truth here... didn't want to think about this today...