Monday, May 18, 2009

Silent Night ©©

From left to the right, up and down or in and out
In morning and all through night
From the sunlight to a full moon
Out the noise to the silence
From the spotlight to the twilight

On a grassy knoll
Maybe by a brook or under a waterfall
In the backseat of my old man’s car
Between the sheets while in the eye of a churning storm
With the wind whipping us with the sheer curtains of our imagination

Only when you’re gone
Do I miss the taste of your lips in all these places
The moonlight reflecting off your eyes
The soft skin of your breasts
While tangled in this web we spin

Tasting forbidden fruits that lays just beneath the skin
Suckling on the lust raging within
Drinking the nectar as it runs down your thigh
Getting drunk on our ecstasy
Before you bury me between your legs

Rising above the world
Whirling among the clouds above
Until the thunder claps in applause
Electrifying the night sky
Before sending us back down to earth

Only when you’ve gone do I want it to rain
To put out the inferno inside
Only then is the silence deafening
As I sit back to inhale the lingering scent of yesterday
Only then, only when you’re away



Brosreview said...

Ah, a rather different take on the otherwise sensual subject. Nicely done!!!

Shadow said...

such passion! it's alluring and addictive!