Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Dreamer ©©

I stand here on this dark corner
Far into the night
With only the moon and the stars for company
As I blend out of sight

Watching the sultry creatures of the night
Strutting their stuff
Looking for lost souls to bleed
To suck dry until they take more than enough

Searching out the other vipers in the shadows
Hunting for their next meal
The dreamer who doesn’t believe in shadows
The fool with something to steal

The Man driving by
Blind to all in the night
Seeing nothing past the safety of his cage
While the dreamer is dragged out of sight

Standing here in the dark
I see it all
The real world as it walks on by
I see it stumble and fall

Once I owned these streets
To rule with an open hand
Now the shadows have swallowed up the night with a tight fist
Leaving the dark creatures to walk the land

Left behind to ignite one last match
To light up the shadows
So the dreamers can be found
Where evil grows

I stand here on this dark corner
Waiting for one last call
Before I’m swallowed up by the shadows
To strike out one last time before I to fall



Shadow said...

there are some nights i see the creatures, on others, just the silvery moonlight.

Brosreview said...

Great imagery here with strong implications. Nicely done, again!!!