Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Shadow In The Rain ©©

I have been to a lot of places
Seen even more faces
In places where no one dares to go
Places you should never know

On cold nights ago
I found comfort in the shadows far below
Found hope in the only open door left to find
To sell my soul while slowly loosing my mind

To the dark recesses of hell
I fell under its lustful spell
Drowning in this deep bowl
While sinking farther into a dieing soul

Whatever happened to what could have been?
All the places and people I had seen
Where did it all go?
Why did it have to be so?

Now I wade through lost thoughts
Through vast oceans of forgotten dreams
Left to fight back the waves crashing from above
Yet still searching for something to grab hold of

But the horizon is so far and away
To far to reach all in just one day
To far to touch with only one out stretched hand
To far to crawl up on and walk once more on this land

What happened to what was supposed to be?
The places



Shadow said...

i've sold my soul so open the door... damn, no, not really, just a bit, how do i put this nicely, irate? at the moment... great poem! i feel better now.

Brosreview said...

Super strong feelings here mate! Loved it!!! This makes for a good song. Seriously, you should use them in that fashion; a song not a poem.

Woman in a Window said...

When something is that far away I tend to start swimming in the other direction and hoping for a boat.

What happened to what was supposed to be? I am so hoping to not ever feel this question. Powerful words.