Thursday, May 21, 2009

Far ©©

Far, into the night
Out of sight
Away from spying eyes
Traveling to somewhere I have never been
A wilderness never before seen
Or touched by me

Far, from my thoughts
Into a dream
The dream of dreams
To a freedom from reality
To run away from my fears
Away from the boredom of real life

Far, into my mind
Deep into the darkest corner
Away from any light
But the light of hope
Hope that there is a way
Out of this place

Far and away
Into the night sky
High, higher than I have ever been
Soaring with the clouds high above
Feeling only the wind rushing below my body
As I come rushing back to the earth

Far, I must go
To find what I need to touch
What I need to feel
Before I can stop running away from my fears
To live the dream of dreams
To daydream without the darkness of night

Far, into the night
This is where it all begins
It’s where all dreams come to life
It’s where I want to be
Far, far into the night
Into the dreams where I want to be set free


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Shadow said...

join you there???