Friday, June 19, 2009

Hello ©©

I’m sitting here listening to Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan jamming together trying to grasp anything floating by to write when it dawned on me that I have never really put up a regular post on here before.
I never really had reason to before because this blog is just a place I drop off loose pieces of thought, shards of memories triggered by something I see your read to grasp while floating around in my head.
Stuff I don’t post on my other blog, I post here.
I used to just delete them and someone told me I should just post them so I did.
So here we are.

I noticed about six months ago as I was working around in the template that I never said how old I was or where I was from in my profile.
It was an oversight on my part because this was just a place to post spare thoughts not a blog I expected people to read more than just as a passing glance while skipping from blog to blog but over the few years I have accumulated a few readers.
Why you people haven’t fallen asleep yet I have no idea.
Some of you know me from my other blog but some of you are new and I think you deserve a little background on me.

For one I am male…………yes I am, I just checked.
Secondly I am Canadian and live in Ontario.
I am of Greek decent and I hate Mousaka.
Those of you who eat it are nothing more than eggplant lovers.
I was born half a century ago and strive to live long enough to wear diapers again.
I have compacted a lot of living in those fifty years, good, bad and ugly years and because of it I am a very complex person or just plain weird, you choose.

The posts here reflect on a lot of what I have seen over those years and how I understand them.
I am not one to mix words and I deplore censorship therefore I am blunt and straightforward in my thoughts.
Other than that this blog is but a very small part of who I am and I don’t want you all to think I live in a world of doom and gloom.
My days are probably a lot like yours.
Family, friends, lunches, school meetings, crazy Exs, dog humping cats, shootouts (WE can’t buy bullets in Canada so we just beat each other with them), wild parties, laundry and so on, regular stuff and I AM NOT PLANNING TO OFF MYSELF.
There may be a few people wishing it though HA HA HA!!!!

I will say that I enjoy writing here and more so reading your comments.
I know I don’t answer my comments here as a rule because its hard to.
We all see things with different eyes and feel in the same way, so I just let you capture what you envision from my posts but I know sometimes we all understand the same thing in t he end.

If you want to get a full picture of who I am or at least the rest of the insane me you could find me here and you will see that I am just fine, crazy like the rest of the world.
No more “are you dieing” emails OK.
We start dieing from the day we’re born and I am living my way to the end.
I am, trust me.
I eat fiber and all the pussy I can.
Ok fur balls are a problem but the fiber helps.

Ok, now I have to go write a post for my other blog which I have been slacking on I may add.
You all have a nice weekend and happy Father’s day to those of you who are.



Shadow said...

nice to know you, walker!

Rain said...

As you may already know I have been a fan of yours for a very long time. "I eat fiber and all the pussy I can" sounds like the man of my dreams ;0)

Sending you a {{{hug}}} and wishing you a very Happy Father's Day!

Woman in a Window said...

Frig Walker, the real you sounds even more interesting than the solely despondant one. I'm glad yer, errrr, well rounded. Cheers!

Lora_3 said...

First your writing is rocking.

Now the thought that your crazy but not going to off yourself throws me a bit. LOL

Damn I love you and miss the hell out of you.

Again your writing is hot!

be safe...