Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shhhh ©©

Can you hear it?

A whisper in the trees
The soft rain on the roof
The sound of children sleeping

A bee flying by
A kitten searching for its mother
The wind searching for the moon

A man sighing in the shadows
A woman’s fingers wishing on a windowpane
A raindrop in a puddle

A kiss in the dark
A groan in the night

A slap
A cry
A life

Birds fighting among the leaves
The leaves dancing in the breeze
The branches bowing to the ground

One last thought
A lasting memory
A last breath escaping

Just listen
Can you hear it?
It’s almost time

It’s almost time to wake up
Time to reach out with all your senses
To touch what you can’t hear with a deaf ear

Just listen
There is nothing left to say



nc said...

..sshhhh.., i can hear it. and i luv it. :)

Brosreview said...

Loved this one!

Shadow said...

this is the deep deep pleasure of just listening and observing... well done!

Gerry Boyd said...

let go into the mystery, let yourself go.....

Woman in a Window said...

This is divinely pleasurable and just a little frightening. I really enjoyed this one Walker. (Hey, you in Ontario too?)

Walker said...

Woman in a Window: Yes I am and have the frostbite to prove it